The file ‘DynamicData/FieldTemplates/EmailAddress_Edit.ascx.vb’ does not exist.

Have you installed DynamicDataTemplatesVB 1.0.1 and encountered the following errors on compilation:

in addition to other errors in “EmailAddress_Edit.ascx”, “EmailAddress_Edit.ascx.vb”, “Url_Edit.ascx” and “Url_Edit.ascx.vb”?

These compilation errors are caused by three typos in DynamicDataTemplatesVB 1.0.1:

  1. On line 1 in “EmailAddress_Edit.ascx.vb”, replace:

  2. On line 1 in “Url_Edit.ascx.vb”, replace:

  3. On line 1 in “Url_Edit.ascx.vb”, replace the double period in the “inherits” tag with a single period, for example:


While I found the third error was easy to spot, the first two errors uses the older Web Site Project syntax (CodeFile) to reference the associated code file instead of the newer Web Application Project syntax (CodeBehind). The similarity between these tags made it more difficult to spot. Recompile and you’re up and running.


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